I have what I will call damage hair, even after shaving it off & started a new still weak & breaking

Why is my hair breaking off and what can I do to stop it?

5 Answers

How often do you wear extensions?
I wear two types of hair, it is either weavon  or extensions ,what type of hair you I do to avoid this breakage? 
The tension might be causing breakage. Have you considered seeing a trichologist? Check out the articleAsk Dr. Kari: Effective Protective Styling
If it's still breaking after starting completely anew, then you should look at your diet and health in general. Are you drinking enough water, exercising, eating the right foods? Healthy hair is from a healthy body.
whenever It's left on done it becomes tough unable to even comb except it is washed on a daily basis, of course u won't recommend daily washing? Originally In my Teen I had a very Lovely hair Tough though but got engaged in braids that at times last 3months even Locks too. I believe u that the Tension Might be the Cause of The Weakness Now. Kindly Advice Henceforth what i need to do to keep my Hair Back? Tidying my Hair is one of my priority. Looking Forward to your "Experts Response " Thanks