I jsut started on CGM.So far it's given me better curls but also a ton of frizz. HELP!

From what I know of the CGM frizz is a sign of lack moisture. I literally know nothing about conditioners. I avoided them like the plague before CG because they made my hair oily and greasy. I know now that my hair was so oily because I was washing it everyday in shampoos that were stripping the moisture out so my scalp was producing more oil to compensate. So far I have been co-washing every 3-4 days with Sauve Naturals. I also use it watered down as a leave in-detangler.  What other conditioners do I need? I have fine colored-treated 2c/3a hair that tends to get weighed down with heavy products. I just went through all of my products and got rid of things that were not CG approved. I have ordered some LeBella lots of curls gel and Garnier Fruitis  Sleek and shine anti-frizz serium. I am hoping these products will give me more definition and control the frizz. Is there anything else I can do?

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