I would like to know what devacurl gel you would recommend for my hair type to control frizz.

I deep condition every time I wash (2-3x a week) and I have been using the Sheamoisture Curl & Style Milk under Devacurl's Styling Cream but still have problems with frizz on my crown (especially when I diffuse with cold air). I put more styling cream on the top and it reduces it half way but I still end up with a frizz halo. I was thinking of trying one of Devacurl's gels but I'm not sure which one to try. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!

3 Answers

I would say the Ultra Defining Gel. Several curlies here in the office use it, and I find that it works well for me when I diffuse. http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/devacurl-ultra-def...If you apply too much it's easy to use your fingers to break up the curls so that they feel soft, and the diffuser helps with this too.
I have 3B hair, but Devacurl arcanGel was what worked amazing for me from fall to spring on top of the styling cream. I also left in some one condition underneath the styling cream and gel for extra moisture and definition. I switched to the Devacare conditioner in the spring to try it out but of course the weather changed and now my hair needs to stay away from glycerin till winter again. I also switched from arcanGel to Ultrahold in the spring to try to get a handle on the frizz but its not working for me so I put the ultrahold away till the weather cools down again. I actually just bought and tried LA belle sport styling gel from target last night (less than 2$ for a big bottle!) and it worked wonders! For me, the devacurl gels just stopped holding in the high humidity, they were perfect mid to hard hold gels in cold weather but became soft hold gels and absorbed too much moisture in the summer humidity, making my hair frizz out. If you try one of the deva gels, I would suggest starting with a travel sized bottle first to see if it works for you in this weather. If it doesn't right now, try it again when the dewpoint drops, it really makes a difference.Hope that helps :)(Also the styling gel makes my hair frizz out in high humidity too, again, because it pulls in the extra moisture from the humid air instead preventing my hair from losing moisture to the dry air)
It might also be the SM styling milk. I have fine 3b curls and was using that exact same combo as you but the DevaCurl made me itch. I took it back. Anyway, I kept using the SM styling milk since it made my hair SO soft but no matter what product I used with it, I frizzed terribly. As an experiment, I bought Kinky Curly Knot Today and used that under my favorite gel, instead of the SM milk. Voila! Very little frizz. The humidity here is wretched so I'm hoping it will change in the fall. Good luck!