I live in Fiji, where its humid everyday! when I step outside my hair dries up

I live in Fiji where it's always humid! I apply the LOC method but every time I go outside and my hair starts to dry it's like I never even moisturizers my hair. Is there any routine I could do to keep my hair moisturized and looking shiny?

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Interesting...because your hair should technically be more moisturized and shrunken/frizzy with the humidity because humidity is moisture in the air surrounding you! Read more about humectants and make sure your products are in line with the suggestions! --> http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/ingredie... You're gonna need to learn a bit of science first but the infographic i linked is super easy to understand! Hope that helps :) 
Do you moisturize everyday ?  if not, you should ,  what products are you using ? For moisturizers I recommend coconut oil or olive oil because it has a longer effect to lock in moisture . Also , Shea butter is another wonderful product that can hydrated and increase moisture . Another great tip ... deep-conditioner treatments are vital , either once a week or every two weeks . Good luck !