i live in the tropics and i want to know what products work best to keep frizz at bay

I live in Ghana,West Africa our climate is beautiful with sun all year round and about 80% humidity! are there any products that can help fight the frizz humidity brings so I can finally let my hair down from protective styles?

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Aww! I really like what humidity does for our hair! But I don't live in a place where its humid year round and I understand that you want to do protective styles sometimes. A great frizz buster to start with is well-moisturized hair. Before you do your protective style, deep condition, try the LOC method: LOC method article, shopping list. Next, try to stay away from products that contain glycerin or other humectants that draw water to your hair essentially causing frizz. Those products are good for moisturizing (the first step in eliminating frizz) but you will want to use anti-humectants as your finishing products (serums, oils) and/or holding products (gels, pomades, curl creams) to seal out water in the air that causes the frizz you are talking about. Here is an article that lists some products and explains what role they play in eliminating frizz: 20 Anti-Humectant Products for Spring. The Oyin Hair Dew in the article is actually a humectant that I like for moisturizing (the LOC part), but shouldn't be used to re-moisturize a protective style after the first day. Products like that should go under your true anti-humectant/gel/serum. Some of those gels also contain glycerin, so still, check the ingredients. Sorry, I think the following article may be more helpful in terms of products to use to seal out frizz for protective styles, but the other one may still be useful too. Here are some edge tamers that help lay down the frizzies: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/kinky-ha...More products: http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/top-anti-frizz-products/I hope that helps!