I Have A lot of Frizz Near the Top of My Head :(

Hi,So I have 3b mostly 3c hair and I have alot of frizz near the top of my head. Specifically the crown and the sides. Some parts of my hair are well defined and soft but then a lot of it is just frizz and dryness. I take good care of my hair and its healthy but its jsut extremly frizzy. My hair doesnt take well to anti-frizz serums. Please help? x 

1 Answer

I have 3b and 3c hair, too. The whole top layer of my hair is super frizzy naturally( I don't know why), but what I do is a focus my gel mostly on the top of my hair. And when it's dry if it's flat, I shuffle my scalp with my fingertips, and my hair's frizz Free and full.