I have a lot of trouble doing wash and go's because my 3c hair is naturally too frizzy! solutions??

excuse the heart haha and the left of my hair in this photo was bet matted, I slept on that side haha and the right shows more of my true texture. Thanks!

2 Answers

I know when my hair is dry it  gets frizzy. So I deep treat me hair every week and have been able to do a nice wash and go.
Hey! You should try the LOC method. This helps to prevent frizz. Also might want to make sure you are thoroughly moisturizing your hair and getting your ends cut. Find out what is causing the frizz, that's the best way to deal with it.  Though, I actually don't mind frizz. 3c and type 4 looks perfectly fine with a little bit of frizz in my opinion. Here are some good reads:What is Frizzy Hair & How to Stop It15 Essential No-Frizz Tips