I love the look it has when it's wet how do I obtain that look without a ton of product, As soon as

i use good shampoos and conditioners, always air-dry, love the look when it's wet once it sets it's frizz gone wild. The only time I have control is when I use slot of product. I have tried $thousands of dollars worth. In addition I only use my fingers to comb it and the crown grows twice as fast as length.

2 Answers

What helps me control frizz is applying oil on wet hair and a bit on semi dry when I start seeing the frizz. Put a few drops on your hands and spread using both hands then lightly pat your hands on the areas you see frizz. Don't apply too much as it will get oily. You can try a stronger hold product, you can also try a leave in conditioner.It could be that you are loosing mouisture too fast, the leave in will help; or since you say it grows fast in the crown it might be those new hair that are not long enough to have their own weight that are popping and creating frizz, so in that case either putting some oil or a bit of product on semi dry hair will help.
i use Redken, registries effect leave in conditioner,Moptop leave in conditioner, Malibu shampoo. I try very hard no to touch it during the day because that causes poof and frizz.