How can I make my wavy 2c hair more defined and less frizzy after washing

When I'm in the shower my waves are clumped and looking good I use my fingers to detangle it. Once out of the shower I wrap it in a bath towel for about 10-15 mins until its not dripping wet then I apply mousse and scrunch my hair. I leave it to air dry and don't touch it but when its dry its frizzy and has random straight bits. I looks dull and undone and a bit scruffy. I have got split ends and I used to straighten my hair a lot but not anymore. I want to have more definition and sheen and a solution or explanation to these random frizzy straight bits. Thank you x

2 Answers

Curl cremes have helped my hair tremendously, and I live in the Northwest. So frizz is a constant issue. you can also try smoothing your frizz down with some watered down gel.
Maybe your hair is in need of condition. Or it could be the bath towel, if you are not using a microfiber one or a cotton t-shirt this might be causing the problem. Besides that you may need a stronger styling product to hold your waves.