How do I manage curly hair?

I have had curly hair since I was little. My hair started to get more wavy as I grew older. Right now it's curly again. (I dont know my hairtype so I'm gonna post a picture)When I wash it, it becomes really frizzy, so I put some curl cream. Doesn't work at all... so then I put a lot of oil. On the top it just stays frizzy and it really weighs down my curls. So can someone please tell me how to take care of my curls and what my hairtype is? 

1 Answer

Use your curl cream and your oil on soaking wet hair. It shouldn't be damp, but really completely wet. When I wash my hair and once I'm done, I quickly jump out of the shower and I directly comb my hair and then apply my products. I recommend doing this in the shower again bcs your hair should be so wet that all the excess water will drop to the floor. Also, make sure to scrunch your products into your hair, don't slide them through it.This has helped me a lot to manage my hair and to get frizz-free curls :)