I need my hair to be less frizzy/puffy and more tight curls

(I have 3A-3B curles) Ok I am honestly so done with my hair. It does the thing where I have big nice curls and other times very small, puffy/frizzy curls or sometimes my hair curls very nicely but other times it does the thing where it's curly some places and has those ugly, puffy, rough "straight" pieces ... I hope y'all understand what I'm trying to say. How can I prevent that from happening? (This happens right after my hair gets dried)

2 Answers

this is how it's suppose to curl 
I totally understand you, I have the same problem. Well all you can do is keep it moisturized and I air dry because using diffuser for me creates more frizz. I also plop so my waves/curls curl better. This is how my hair looks like on 2nd or 3rd day