I need help with frizz and my hair not feeling dry. All out of udeas

ok so my hair is either 2c or 3a, not sure. But I do know its fine and frizzy and I'm struggling with it. I want it to be soft and voluminous but instead the roots fall flat and every product either does nothing or weighs it down please help me. Pics included

2 Answers

Ok so for flat roots, you can try sleeping with your hair in a pineapple or plopping it (if you don't know what those are, there are some great tutorials on youtube). If your hair feels dry, it is dry. You need moisture! I'm not sure what porosity hair you have, but for my low porosity hair, I have to sleep with deep conditioner in my hair all night every weekend to get enough moisture in there. I'm not sure how long you've been following the curly girl method, or how much you know, but here are some frizz basics:1. No terry cloth towels2. No hair brushes (use a wide toothed comb before shower if you can, or in shower when hair is conditioned)3. Switch to cold water at the end of showers to close your cuticle4. Apple cider vinegar rinses are very helpful if your cuticle being open is the problem5. Satin pillowcases are helpful too6. Use some method to preserve your curl pattern at night If you have any questions you can totally email me at [email protected]!
I'm not sure what my porosity is. Currently I haven't brushed my hair in about 7 years, I use old t shirts as hair towels and rarely shampoo. I've done the popping and it kinda works, but I can't sleep like that. I can when I pineapple though. Worst is how long my hair takes to air dry.  Not sure if my hair itself is dry or if its the products