I need help with my frizziness & dried out hair

Hi, I live in Louisiana- a very humid place. My hair always seems to have some frizziness to it. I have not been really, really bothered by it until the last year. Within this past year, my hair has started to become very damage and my curls are losing their "bounce". I get my hair cut every 3 months and I always keep layers. I have wavy/straight hair on top and curls at the bottom. I think I'm a 2c/3a? My hair routine is this: I shower at night and use regular Tresemme shampoo/condition (about half the time only conditioner). I get out of the shower, brush it, put it in a bun on top of my head and go to sleep with a wet bun. Sometimes after I brush it I put in the "Loreal CURL IT mousse" before I put it up in a bun. (This helps a little but not much.) I wake up and my hair is still usually wet, I undo it and wear it like that for the rest of the day. Please help recommending any products or hair routine tips. I want to stop my hair from being so dry and repair it to have more bounce like it used to.  

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