I need help my hair is confusing and the frizz is unbearable

Hi, so I have type 3b hair and at the moment whenever my hair is wet you can already she the frizz and when it dries the curls aren't defined at all and all that is seen is frizz. I use kinky curly knot today and it worked in the beginning but now my hair has gone back to frizzing. I've tried not putting any extra chemicals in my hair and using coconut oil, olive oil, home made natural hair masks, using a diffuser (which only makes it worse), drying my hair with a t-shirt,re-wetting my hair after combing it but the frizz is not curling in it has a life of its own. I'm trying to grow my hair so I've recently cut my ends. On a good day my hair won't 'poof ' up as much like this picture but on a bad day my hair just decides to become big and full of volume and frizz. Please help I don't want to continue putting things that don't help into my hair. This photo is at a bad angle sorry but this is actually a good day and my hair isn't big it's just got random pieces of hair that frizz. Even if I take them away from the rest and re curl them with a damp hand they will just stay frizzy. Thankyou! 

1 Answer

Did you say you comb after drying? After combing with conditioner to detangle when it's wet, I would recommend not combing again until you are ready to re-wet and re-style. Also, you may need to re-wet pieces (more wet than damp) and add some more conditioner to smooth the random frizzy pieces. Does your hair feel dry like its not moisturized enough? That can also cause frizz, but I know you said you've tried masks (I'm assuming you've also tried deep conditioners? If not that might help.) You may need a more moisturizing leave-in conditioner. Were you leaving in the Kinky Curly Knot Today? Or rinsing it out? It may help to leave in a lot of conditioner and not actually rinse it out. If you haven't already, you could check out some Mahogany Curls videos for ideas on products and hair care methods. You might also try some of her other styling options other than wash-n-gos.Her hair looks like it could be similar to yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_taJbOj5b0&list=...I really hope that helps!