I need new products! Everything i was using in the winter doesnt seem to have the same effect help

okay so my hair type is a combination of 3C and 4A, and pretty fine. I chopped my hair off to start fresh about 6 months ago. During the winter i was loving my hair but now not so much. Its brittle and frizzy and starting to break off. i pretty much have to wet it everyday to style it which im afraid is damaging my hair. Any suggestions on what products to use to maintain the frizzy and keep my hair moistured  threw this humid hot summer????

1 Answer

first of all , you need both a protein treatment and a deep conditioning treatment .The protein treatment will help to strengthen your hair .The deep conditioning treatment will help to replenish your hair with the moisture it needs .A deep conditioner that helped me get rid of a lot of frizz is a mayo deep conditioner . Adding mayo , honey , coconut oil , and Olive oil to your deep conditioner , leaving it on for 20 mins under a plastic cap , then washing it out with your favorite shampoo will get rid of a lot of frizz. It definitely did for me .For products , i would use shea moistures raw shea butter reconstructive line. It will help with the breakage you might be having .Also , if you are experiencing breakage , please clip that off. That's a really great place to start. For you I would also suggest getting a moisturizing leave in ( shea moisture's) , applying that to your hair , then mix together 100% coconut oil and %100 she's butter and apply that to your hair to seal in moisture I also added a video for even more frizz control help