Am I overconditioning?

I'm not sure of my hair type, I think 2c/3a, low porosity, fine-end of normal..just guesses. I say low porosity b/c my chin-length hair takes 30-45 min to dry, looked smooth under a microscope, never been dyed/blown dry, floats in water.  CG for 1-month and wondering if surface frizz is from overconditioning. This is what I've used:Co-wash: Suave naturalsRO: Shea moisture curl & shine~1/week low-poo: Shea moisture curl & shine shampooStylers: CJ CCCC & CJ Pattern Pusha - like these for curl enhancement/shine but gettting some surface frizz with them. no frizz & good definition when I tried JC spiralicious alone but very dry, dull, greasy looking I need protein, especially if I want to use the CJ stylers?

1 Answer

I think so.