How can i prevent my hair from getting frizzy and undefined throughout the day? Type 3a/3b

I've tried using different products but nothing seems to help. I wash my hair about twice a week, i dry it with a 100% cotton tshirt, i comb it while its wet and i use leave in. The first time i style my hair after washing it is when its the most frizzy. Like the products dont work. The next day is better though. But i still have the problem of it getting frizzy all over and the under part of my hair gets undefined after a few hours. As of right now i use Tre'semme flawless curls shampoo and conditioner,  i use mixed kids curly hair care leave in conditioner, gel, and detangler, and Lo'real curve it curl cream. I've never tried a putty or smoothie. I figured the putty would be too strong/heavy for my hair and idk what kind of smoothie to try if thats light enough for me

1 Answer

curl la la by aunt jackies and sof n free curl activator usually does it best for me !