How can I prevent and get rid of frizz in my 3b curly hair?

I have short-3b hair that I'm pretty sure is low porosity. I'm not sure if my hair is thick, but I have a lot of it! Since I've gone natural, I have always struggled with frizz, but after I starting using the LOC?LCO method to moisturize it got better. However, I always seem to have frizz on the top of my head! I have read and watched videos about how to solve this issue and do almost all of what is recomennded. I-Wash my hair once a week with a sulfate free shampoo-Deep condition weekly-Rinse hair with cold water at the end -Dry my hair with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel-Use the loc or lco method to moisturize-Sleep on a satin pillow case and sometimes with a satin scarf as wellAny further suggestions on how to prevent frizz? And/or eliminate it once it's there? 

1 Answer

Sine start sleeping after doing my hair "pineapple" style- the frizz is gone. I would totally recommend that.Also, olive oil mask one a week is a wonderful solution.I hope this helps.