I have really frizzy hair and I have tried so many products but nothing seems to be working

Any ideas on what to do to fix frizzy hair on a budget

2 Answers

Frizzy hair=thirsty hair! make sure you are conditioning well, and leaving some in when you step out of the shower. Always use a leave in conditioner, and if you need to, find stylers with more hold to give you definition. Clear gels works great, they make your hair dry in a 'cast' that you scrunch out when 100% dry to leave you with soft bouncy curls. Suave naturals line is a great conditioner for cowashing, also tresemme naturals silicone free conditioner is great for a rinse-out. They can be found at walmart. Leave in conditioners are a little more expensive, from 6-10 dollars depending, but then again, you can always mix water with some conditioner in a spray bottle for your leave in. LA Looks gel is great and super cheap! check out this video
if you live in a humid or rainy area, you will need to blow dry ( on cool and low) your hair completely before venturing outside, or just dont wash it that day. also, apply an overnight coconut oil hair mask, as it seals the cuticle.  ALWAYS apply a good leave-in conditioner and wash with a co cleanser.