I have a section of frizz at the back of my hair and just never curls

I have tried moisturizing and protein treatments for my hair, but it never seems to curl. I have tried tons of products, but none seem to work in my hair. Any recommendations for products?

1 Answer

From this picture it looks like that's just your hair type. It might not be a 3c type of curl. If you want that type of curl pattern you will have to create it using flex-rods, curlformers, or some type of hair style. I would worry. Just embrace your curls. I will say that if it curls up the way you want it to when its wet then you might have something else going on here. There's this arduous process called the maximum hydration method that you can try. Just a warning... it is a long process.  But if it looks like type 4 when wet its probably not frizz. Probably just your hair type. Hope that helps. Here's the link to that method I mentioned. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-products/the-maximum-hydration-method-for-low-porosity-hair/