I seek advice curlies! How to tame my unmanageable frizz?

Hey girls! So I have a frizz problem (don't we all..). Type: 2b/2cPorosity: Medium to highDensity: Medium to highWidth: Medium to highLength: Little longer than bra strapSo my main (mane) problem is frizz/flyaways on my crown, but mostly IN my curls. My hair clumps when styling after shower, but as it airdries or diffuser-dries, they wont allow to stay clumped, so my texture goes from actually 2c to 2b, sometimes 2a, because the frizz loosens up the curl. I sleep on satin in a pineapple. I can't plop while asleep because it falls off. I use sulfate and silicone free. (When I stopped using these, at least my scalp got better, and my hair "lasts" longer.) I made flaxseed gel, which was AMAZING for shine and it felt so soft, but it still got frizzed up the same way (whut why??!). Also coconut oil was okay. And of course I do not use a regular towel on my hair and I just cut off a lot, from waist to bra strap, and I layered as well.My hair is not heat-damaged, because I am to lazy for heat styling. Sooo... Does anybody have a clue what to do??? Because I really don't.Will be waiting here all frizzy. 

1 Answer

First let me just say that your question was perfectly asked lol, thank you SO MUCH for the information!Sounds like you need to infuse protein in your regimen. High porosity is normally frizzy and frizz prone because our cuticles are always up. Protein will help seal that in. You can try aphogee treatments, or DIY avocado banana treatments, oooor just a regular weekly protein rinse out condish and shampoo. You can also just try "frizz resistant" shampoos and conditioners. Living Proof No Frizz works well for me. John Freida's frizz ease line is also a life saver for me along with Fantasia IC's frizz products (which i like better than frizz ease actually).Be mindful though that if you live in a humid place that could have a lot to do with it and you may need to start using antihumectants to stop frizz.I hope this helps! xo