Why is it when I spray my hair with a spray bottle it loses its curl pattern and frizzes up?

I have really thick, 3c curls and on day 2 or 3 when I try to rewet my hair to apply more product and moisturize it, my curls lose their shape and become a frizzy mess. The only time my hair gets wet and this doesn't happen is when I get in the shower and cowash, which I don't have time for and probably shouldn't do everyday.

1 Answer

Probaly because when you spray it your hair is so thick that the water doesn't get everywhere on the hair like it would when your in the shower, which is when you drench it in water instead of spray it. If you really want you could take sections and drench them with water like you do in the shower. Just not so much to where it's dripping everywhere xD. No I'm not 3c but my mom is and I know way more about her hair texture than mine