How can I stop the top layers of my 2c type hair drying out/frizzing-I let it air dry, do not brush.

I have tried hairdrying,(ionic dryer, diffuser, finger dry with standard dryer)- with leave in conditioner, frizzeez mousse, hairspray, curl reviver etc. but it just fluffs up-even without brushing. the under layers are soft and smooth. This happens to the top layers, whichever side I dry it, even if I tie it up ontop till almost dry - then the sides and ends are frizzy... I just end up tying it in a topnot until almost dry, then let it down and loose finger shape....I am also struggling to get at good style at the top/front... I love the messy look, but it gets TOO messy. My hair is actually very thick, but the pics do not show that at the front as much as it is...  :-(  HELP!!!!!

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