How do I style the back of my hair so I get pretty curls instead of frizz like I normally get?

I have 2c/3a very thick curly hair. Whenever I style my hair I get nice and defined curls in the front, but once my hair dries all the way after I am done diffusing it, the back of my hair seems to frizz out a lot, and the curls do not seem defined at all. It is almost as if I have 2 different curling patterns on my head. More 2c in the back, and 3a in the front. How would you suggest I get more defined curls in the back of my head without putting tons of product on my hair? Thanks!

1 Answer

It is not uncommon to have multiple curl patterns. If you want the hair to look uniform, then consider different techniques like scrunching the back or twirling the back to create fingercoils and unravel them when the hair is dry.