How do I style my hair on no-wash days? HELP!

So I'm in the process of getting healthier curls because I want to grow my hair out. I have 3C kinky-curly hair. My question is, on the days that I don't wash my hair, how do I style it? What I've done in the past is taken daily showers and just conditioned my hair on no wash days. If I don't condition it in the shower, it gets super frizzy from sleeping on it and starts to lose the curl the longer I go. Is there a way to have my curls without getting it wet at all? Is there a product I can use when I don't shower to give it some "oomph"? Because I literally just wear it in a bun if I haven't showered because it looks so bad and frizzy and I would love to be able to not shower everyday and still have great curls!!

3 Answers

If you shower with (this is going to suck) cold water... your hair will clump up and you should see a lot less frizz. I don't usually wet my hair everyday; between washes I will use a leave in, or just spray some cold water on it and fluff it out. Also are you pineappling at night? (see video) My main go to style is a wash and go or a bun. Im a lazy natural and styles aren't my thing but you can Youtube the mess out of MoKnowsHair, Naptural85, and ItsMYRayeRaye and tons and tons of other naturals out there. I do not mind frizz at all. I think its fine but here are some great reads on how to prevent it:
I'm so new to all of this....I don't even know what wash and go is or pineappling...I have a lot of research to do haha. Thanks for your help!
whenever your wash day is make sure you have a good amount of product in your hair, let your hair air dry or use a diffuser, whichever you prefer. When going to bed put your in a high ponytail on the top of your head, and if you want put your in a satin cap so you won't disturb your curls while you sleep. Or you can just get a satin pillowcase so you won't mess up your curls. With a cotton pillowcase it messes up your curls.