I can't wear my hair [2c/3a?] down for >20 mins w/o each side literally being a ft thick with frizz?

My hair is about 3 foot long, very thick but not noticeably dry and rather soft with a slight sheen instead; i'd guess it's closest to 2c but I'm really not sure. Nonetheless, i've never been able to wear it loose, nor brush it dry. Even just sitting in my house -in a non-humid climate- doing nothing, while my hair hangs loose, will cause my hair to be quite literally 1 foot thick each side just due to the sheer amount of frizz: letting down a single inch segment would double in size after 10/15 minutes. I have no idea where to begin taming this. The definitions in my curls are always quickly faded by the frizz and become unnoticiably entierly and even despite the length, it still hangs frizzy- although only from the top of my ears down. [the top will still become frizzy though, regardless of the lack of prominent curls]

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