I have tried tons of home remedies and frizz control products but none seem to work. I need help

My hair has been this curly all my life. But to add on to that nightmare, is FRIZZ. It is awfully frizzy and no matter what I do, I can't seem to tame it. I recently tried John Freida and it barely helped. It is still frizzy and dry. I have attached pictures and that is my hair AFTER using leave on John Freida serum. I live in an awfully humid country and University is starting. That's an ultimate nightmare because I have not found a solution to tame my medusa like hair. I am officially frustrated and I need help.

4 Answers

Have you tried using a deep conditioner on a regular basis? My hair used to be very frizzy and when I started to deep condition on a regular basis, the frizz has gone down a lot. It doesn't have to be a crazy deep condition either--I find products like Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle to do the trick when I'm pressed for time. 
I'm type 3a/b and I use argon oil to control my frizz
1. Make sure to use products that dont containt sulphates, alcohol, etc.2. I use coconut oil on my hair before washing3. Don't brush after washing, only before or during4. Based on your pics, your hair looks more "course" than frizzy. I would recommend experimenting with ways to hydrate. I have never come across a "de-frizz" product that I actually liked. Instead, I focus on conditioning and hydrating. 
Also avoid products that have silicones in them. They keep the moisture out so over time they make you hair dryer. Also, if you have high humidity avoid leave in products with glycerin or humectants (things like honey and sugar based ingredients) because they draw more moisture to the hair which will make it frizz. Experiment with oils but read the ingredients avoid silicones  they usually end in -xane, -cone, except if it says PEG (a number like 12) and then the silicone. For example PEG 12 Dimethicone, is ok because those silicones wash out and do not build up in the hair. Also start washing with a light conditioner (like Suave Naturals) and avoid the harsh sulfates in shampoo (very drying).