I have type 2C low porosity hair, Tucson,AZ weather. Humectant or anti-humectant propducts?

I'm so confused on humectants and anti-humectants. I've read that in low humidity weather humectants can cause split ends and breakage, but that low porosity hair can benefit from humectants. I understand that anti-humectants tend to have silicons in the ingredients, I co-wash so I use products with silicons infrequently. I recently purchases Jessicurl's Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils, my hair seems to frizz more if I let it air dry than if I blow dry it. But even with blow drying my hair will frizz with these products.  Any advise on products for; low porosity, med density, type 2C hair (that spends most of it's time in Tucson,AZ weather), would be greatly appreciated.

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