What can I use that does not have the wet look when air drying? A soft dry look is what I want.

My hair is in between 2a and 2b.  It is straight on top till about the top of my ears then wavy from the top of the ear down.  My hair is medium, not think or thin, and not coarse or fine.   Every gel or mouse I've tried makes my waves look wet and is very stiff and hard when my hair has air-dried.    I'm looking for a product that will tame the frizzyness without looking wet once my hair has air-dried.  It would be nice it it also did not leave my waves stif and hard either.     I have access to professional products as well as retail.   Please help, is there any product to tame frizzy air-dried hair that does not have the wet look nor leaves air dried waves hard and stiff?   BTW, I can blow dry and straighten my hair with a straightening iron and the iron tames the friz for me but it takes a very long time.   For most days I don't have but a few minuets after shampooing/conditioning to mess with my hair other than letting it just air-dry. I've used a specially bought t-shirt type towel for my hair and I still have the friz.   My hair is no longer gray, I have had it colored but aside from no longer there being any grey, it still looks the same and has the same friz if not more frizz. 

1 Answer

You need to use gels that have light hold and are less heavy. Mousse isnt your friend if you dont want the wet look lol. Flaxseed gel, Chia seed gel, As I Am smoothing gel (this is what I use and I LOVE! It makes my hair look defined without the crunchy wet look). I am not 2b but I have battled with enough gel and mousse to know lol. Hope this helps :) xo