I have to wear a hairnet at work and it's making my hair frizzy!

I work in manufacturing and part of the work requirement is to wear PPE (personal protective equiptment) on the floor. This means a hairnet! Not only are the hairnets too small for my thick, curly hair, it seems to make my hair so frizzy! I hate having to pull my hair back every day for work only to get a dent in my curls and a frizzy messy crown after removing the hairnet. Any solutions? 

2 Answers

Do they allow you to wear something else? If they do then you could try something less or non damaging, like a satin scarf or bonnet. And if that's not an option then maybe it's possible to change the hairnet a bit, maybe you can cover the inside with satin?
Use a satin scarf under the net :)