i have weird hair. low por, cottony, 3a,b,c, thin high dens. what can i do to define my curls? help!

I have straight ends on majority of my hair.  No perms since 2007. Cut off 8 inches dec, 2015 to make sure i didn't have heat trained ends.  Now it looks the same.  I have healthy hair.  Doesn't take well to humidity, never has. All frizz everywhere. Can't seem to do twist outs well. Never looks like other girls twist outs, n even if it starts out that way it has a way of turning into a big puff of cotton candy. I have nice curls with carols daughter milk pudding styling cream, but my roots dont do what thier told. They go into a frizzy mess! Will i ever get to  wear my curls?

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also  my hair is very soft to the touch and i used to have problems w it drying and breaking of at the ends