So I'm wondering what to do about my natural & styled hair ?..

first I'd like to start off saying I have a veryyyy THICK head of hair !! when I let it air dry , it is defined curls underneath at times .. (looks as if I done it with a curling iron) but on top it is just wavy . Some days it's just soft curls underneath though . It's VERY frizzy , no matter what I do to it . If I blow dry it , I usually end up brushing my curls underneath out but it's dries very wavy then just VERY poofy on top with minimum wave . If I scrunch it , I use mousse & gel & sometimes hair spray , just depends on how it looks . When I straighten it , it takes me 45 minutes plus . Anytime I style my hair , I put Paul Mitchell gloss drops in but it doesn't really help with frizz too much . (it's the only thing I've tried that actually helps some) I have layers , not as many as I use to but my hair has always been like this , no matter what I do . The shorter I cut my hair & the more layers , the better my curls are underneath but it still sucks on top lol . Also I've tried all kinds of shampoos but my hair still just doesn't feel clean at the roots . I do wash it everyday , I know you're really not suppose I have heard but I can't help it & don't feel clean if I dont smh . Anyone have any suggestions ? I just want it to air dry & not be so frizzy , & actually look pretty maybe without me having to style it lol I have no clue my hair type

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