Why isn't my hair curling?! Why do I have just frizz?!

Okay so I've just taken my hair out of a protective style. I had small braids all over so crochet dreads could be wrapped around it. I had the style in for about 6 weeks. Before I got this protective style my curls were flourishing! I had very beautiful curls. But now that I've taken the style down I literally have no curls what so ever. My hair is a big frizz ball! I wanna know what the cause is because I haven't had heat in my hair in months and I moisturizered my hair while it was in the protective style every single day. 1st photo is my hair now (Frizzy, no curl definition) 2nd photo my protective style and 3rd photo before the protective style (beautiful elongated curls, crazy curl definition)

1 Answer

While your hair was in coil-mode, did you condition it regularly? Frizz is usually the first sign that you need more moisture, so my suggestion would be to find a botanical conditioner (I personally love Tresemme Botanique with coconut oil), and when you cleanse (use a sulfate free cleanser before your conditioner), don't rinse any of the conditioner out, and then squeeze dry it with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt. If that still doesn't work...hopefully someone else can chime in! Best of luck to you!