Since I've started the CG method, it feels like halfway through my work day the products "wear off".

On wash days my hair (3A/B) starts out great, but by lunch time it doesn't feel like there is any product on my hair, and it starts to become frizzy and lose shape. It just keeps continuing through 2nd and 3rd day so I just put it up in a clip because I can't constantly go to the bathroom and reapply product every 2 hours. I am getting so frustrated. What can I do?

4 Answers

for frizzy hair I always say ; moisturize because that will at least give you a fresh look throughout the day and help control the Frizzy look
try this hair product , its cost $5 and it works like a charm . Good luck . 
The CG method only works well if you are using curl friendly products. you might want to see if your products contain silicones or sulfates. also products that coat the hair won't allow your hair to dry properly.
That happens to me when I don't apply enough product and don't allow my hair to dry properly before leaving the house.  Try using more product, rake it through your hair with your fingers, and don't leave until your hair is about 90% dry.