Ive have always tried to hide my natural hair I didn't like it I'm tired of damaging it I have 2c

I relaxed my hair 17 months ago, before that I ALWAYS used a straightener. I have been damaging my hair for 9 years and I'm sick of it I'm going to need a lot of help lol. My relaxed hair is almost grown out. Yes I have 2c type but it's very corse, frizzy... I'm trying to grown long because I think in doing so it will help with poofyness. Also I have spent a lot of money on products that claim to erase frizz, such as oil, hair smoothies, curl activators and none seen to give me results I want. 

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i think you could try anti-humitancts or whatever theyre called ;) or use a good amount of conditioner when youre washing it, rinse it out with warm water, then rinse your hair in cold water to seal the hair cuticle. Good luck! hope this helps
Hi luvyesi, I would recommend getting a haircut to remove any relaxed and damaged ends, I have a very similar wavy hair journey as you do (with relaxing and straightening for years) and I found that since stopping heat styling, coloring my hair, and getting a big haircut I was able to completely remove the damage and my hair is now curlier and healthier than it's ever been. I know you're hoping to keep your hair long but I found that it was very difficult to style and maintain when I was holding onto the damaged ends. Here's my haircut video that shows how I tackled it: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/wavy-hai...I could have probably kept my hair longer but I was eager to get rid of the damage entirely, and my hair has grown very quickly (it's already below my shoulders and I've been trimming it).