just started curly girl. I have wavy hair 2 c how do I controlled frizz without adding crunch?

3 Answers

You could always use a gel, no matter the holding power, and "scrunch out the crunch." Basically that crispy layer holds your curls when wet to keep them in place but can easily be dissolved by scrunching it out once fully dry. You could also try curl creamd which may or may not offer very light hold.
Definitely try using oil. Jojoba is great because it's lightweight, perfect for wavies. Argan oil is also great, but pricey. A blend is good. You can probably find lots of blends on Etsy! Also, sleep on a satin pillowcase...it definitely helps. Here's an article that might help you out. http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/frizz-co...
watch this video one of our vloggers, Val made last week: