Is keratin OK for my hair ?

My hair is a 2c/3a fine and high porosity. It was originally a 3a/3b until I started to dye my hair. In three years my hair was dramatically changed 47 times. I stopped for a year but at the same time got on acne and hormone medicine. After six months of not dyeing my hair it became more healthy and a 3a. I eat all organic, drink tons of water, use organic Awapui conditioner, don't shampoo don't brush don't use any heat don't blow dry don't stryle don't put any product other than coconut oil. Now here we are a year after not dyeing and my hair looks so bad a 2c/3b so dry and frizzy from the side effects of my long term medicine. I stopped taking it as of a week ago and I can see a difference already. But I'm going to meet my fiance's family and I want to be flawless. I want to get a keratin treatment but I don't want my hair to be stick strait. Would it be ? 

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