How to make my curly hair not look bushy?

After i shower in the mornings my hair goes extremely big and bushy, the curls are still there in ringlets its just really bushy. Is there a way to  get my naturally curls without my hair being so big? My hair is quite thick so im wondering if could that be one of the reasons. I need some suggestions and some hair products that could help me with my problem please.Thanks

2 Answers

Try gel, a frizz fighter, and a curling cream. The gel defines and elongates the curls. Some good gels are eco styler and the kinky curly curling custard. A frizz fighter will reduce frizz and make your hair shinier. A good frizz fighter is argon oil.The curling cream will moisturize your hair. Try the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie or the African Pride hair pudding.
what you need are clumps. go over to curl talk and view the article about techniques to get clumps.