How do you manage frizz?

My hair seems overly frizzy and suddenly dry. What products do you recommend? I've tried drying with a t-shirt, using silk scarves, deep conditioning, gel, and John Frieda Frizz Ease. Also, can anyone tell me what my hair type is? Is my type more prone to frizz? I Need Help!

2 Answers

I can't find a photo of you to see what kind of curls you have! Generally I'd say make sure you have a hairdresser who knows how to cut curls (it makes all the difference!), condition a lot and do deep conditions regularly. You'll also find that once you've discovered your hair type, and tested for things like porosity it makes a HUGE difference. I always assumed mine were just irretrievably frizzy, but once I stopped fighting and started caring it looked so much better. Oh, and frizz-ease is rubbish! I used to use it as a teen and it never even made a slight impact!
Yes frizz-ease does not help! Try a coconut oil mask maybe once or every two weeks. Make a pineapple hairdo before going to bed or a loose bun. Hopefully this helps!