My hair is 3B/3C. I am mixed and I have had a perm in my hair about 7 years ago. I began to take interest in going natural 2 years prior to having a perm. Now, all of the permed hair is hopped of and long gone. But I am dealing with major frizz. I tried Shea Moisture Products and different types of Gel. Anything that will help with my hair? Every time I wear my hair down and let it air dry, it's just a mess and my curls aren't even defined. So, I have been straightening my hair ever since this summer, but I want to change and go natural now. Please help :)

1 Answer

If you've been straightening your hair often, it might be heat damage...or a lack of moisture... or both. I would try the LOC method to begin and, if that improves it but only some, there might (probably) be heat damage and that's gonna have to go :\