No matter what I put in my hair I still feel the frizz!!

I use keracare leave in or mixed chicks leave in and whether I diffuse or air dry I still feel the frizz in the back!! I don't want to use too many products on my hair but I need help lol somebody please help me out 

2 Answers

well I have 2 answers for you :- mayo deep treatment masque -this frizz control video ! As much as I HATE Mayonnaise,  I used it to make a deep conditioner for my hair . I mixed mayo with honey. Coconut oil , some conditioner , and some Olive oil . I left it in under a plastic cap for 20 mins and washed it out with my favorite shampoo twice ( to get the smell out ) and it made my hair really soft , shiny , and it tamed the frizz I have in the back of my head If you don't want to try that here is  video that will help 
I would try deep conditioning once a week. My favorite frizz-fighting product is Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper. It's amazing. I have no frizz when I use it. It's a bit pricey, but it's worth the try. Also, if you are using a towel to dry your hair, stop using the towel and use a cotton T-shirt. Towels cause frizz. And if you don't already, try out some gel. It will give your hair hold and will keep the frizz at bay. The main cause of frizz is dryness, so condition as much as you can :)