My flyaways are out of control. Any good product suggestions?

I started the CGM about a month ago. When I started, the frizzing was horrendous. I figured that my hair was just getting used to the change, and decided to ride it out. However, it's progressively getting worse. It's to the point now that my curls have no shape; not because they are being weighed down, but because they are frizzing apart. I know that my curls are healthier, as they have gotten so much softer since starting the GCM.Part of me thinks that it's the products I'm using. I am currently using Shea Moisture's frizz free line, but I rather try a different brand altogether.I'm desperate to find a fix. My curls used to give me confidence, but now I feel embarrassed to leave the house with them. I'm determined to stick with the CGM, but those silicones are becoming more and more tempting everyday. Please help!2c/3a

1 Answer

Try using a denman/ knock off to clump curls. Aloe Vera gel is light and and cheap. It will smooth frizz and add definition. Also, SheaMoisture is a good brand with great ingredients, but don't be afraid to mix and match their products for suit your hair.