My hair is REAAAALLY dry (3b/c)

My hair is low porosity high density about 2 and a half inches past my shoulders I have layers that start from the middle of my lips and I have heat damage and new growth that's like half and the other half is damage. What I do on a wash day is use Shea moisture shampoo then garnier fructis sleek conditioner( I don't rinse it out) and put some coconut oil on and sometimes I'll put Shea moisture curl smoothie or milk and I tried putting garnier fructius sleek leave in on also and my hair is still really dry. The only moisturized part of my hair are my bangs and my crown's roots the back gets so matted even when I comb through it with conditioner. I've tried pineapple but when I wake up my hair is like stuck in that position even when I take the ponytail out so if I don't press it I'll wear it in a ponytail and it gets so dry and rough I can't take it. Last year I used castor oil after I blow dryer and it was pretty moisturized. My hair will be so dry yet when I put it in a ponytail it bends. I just started cowashing and my hair feels a little moisturized but the back is a hot mess. I usually put a T-shirt on my hair and turban it but my hair will stick up and I've given up completely and feel the only way to make my hair behave is flat ironing and I'm trying my best to stay away. 

3 Answers

Hi maybe you could try curls products they are very good for dry hair they were a life saver for me
You should try a protein treatment with mayo eggs olive oil and any essential oil of your choosing to get back he moisture in your hair making it easier to detangle and manage.And maybe try sectioning your hair when washing to keep your ends from breaking off that should stop the dry hair your experiencing 
Maybe your hair is a different texture than 3B/3C. I have low porosity hair and it hates shea butter products. It dries it out. Try coconut based and low protein products.