My hair is very dry and doesn't seem to take products. frizzy, and I'm broke, how can i DIY?

i would love to get my hair healthier, hair is very voluminous and can be very curly, but it tends to frizz extremely! I bleach my roots every few months (i know, bad,evil no ) and its slowly getting softer but i can't get it moisturized and defined. Thick too, at home stuff i love but i can't find coconut oil or almond oil in stores nor can i afford it. Any ideas, help, recipes to help out? Ive tried olive oil but it doesn't seem to work. Please and thank you:)

3 Answers

Bleached hair is damaged hair so first of all I would stop bleaching it.  Depending on how much bleach you have been using and the strength, your hair could be irreversibly damaged and you may have to cut it off. Also if you can afford to buy hair bleach then you can afford to buy one of coconut oil,  almond oil and olive oil as they are all really cheap. You can buy it at pharmacies, supermarkets, drug stores, health food shops and beauty shops.  The last two places will probably be more expensive in price but you don't have to buy the best quality oil for your hair. Put the oil on your hair and leave it on for 12-13 hours.  It's normally easy to do it overnight when you are asleep but covering your hair to protect your bedding.  You put a few drops of oil on your hair not loads. Then in the morning wash the oil out.
thank you. I've been so worried because i am in modeling and acting and they want me to stay blonde. I've looked over every store in my town and have not found any oils but olive. I will try online, thank you!
you can use olive oil or even mayo as a treatment if u have either of those around the house