natural 3c curly hair is straight and frizzy on the bottom half of hair

UGH!!! I stopped straightening my hair in about 7th grade. (I'm in 8th) and went natural. I used to still straighten it in 7th but this year I've only straightened it once.. besides the point. My hair is curly on top (3C curls not really defined) and on the bottom half of my hair it's just frizzy and dry. and I've tried EVERYTHING. Olive oil treatments, coconut oil overnight (I did that last night. still frizzy and dry!) it makes me so mad and hopeless for my hair!! I know about protein overload and I'm not sure if I'm doing that but ugh!!! little background: I co wash my hair everyday during the week because in the morning the curls are bent and extremely frizzy. i use the garner frizzy, dry, unmanagable hair conditioner. after I get out the shower it's curly then I put shae moisture curl enchanting smoothie in my hair and then it becomes bad!! it's not just the prouduct I've tried EVERYTHING. even on the top some of my curls are just damaged and a little straight. my hairs to my shoulders a little lower than that. I used to cut my hair a lot so it's growing out, but this makes me so mad!!!! please help!!!!  (pictures are my hair at the moment) I just want nice ringlet curls!!!

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