Need frizz and poof control. I want to define my curls too. Gel/cream/etc reccomendations??

I'm new to using the natural/better quality products. I've used cheap stuff for years. My hair is mostly type 3A, some 3B. I have thick strands and very dense hair so I get the pyramid problem really bad, along with a lot of frizz. I'm currently trying Beautiful curls: Wavy to curly shampoo, leave in conditioner and sculpting gel. I can tell that my hair is more moisturized and softer, but I still get lots of frizz and poof. Don't know if I'm just not using enough gel?? I think I might need a stronger gel/cream/etc. I'm wanting soft, well defined, frizz and poof free hair (No pyramid! lol). Any suggestions??

2 Answers

You could try using flax seed gel
First of all, congratulations on on using higher end product and showing your hair some love. I find that the coarser the hair the dryer it is and that tends to make it look frizzy and not shiny.Have you ever tried a cleansing conditioner? They don't lather and cleanse hair in the same way that a traditional shampoo and conditioner does. The Macadamia Professional Flawless Cleansing Conditioner cleanses, conditions, detangles and eliminates frizz in one step.  I think you will be amazed!Gently towel dry your hair, being careful not to rough it up in the towel causing breakage and making it look frizzy.Follow that with Macadamia Professional Taming Curl Cream. This fights humidity while leaving your hair shiny and no at all crunchy. It's a soft, touchable feel.The trick is to apply it in small sections starting at the bottom, underneath your hair and working up towards the top and front. I like to twist each strand to make a more uniformed curl pattern. Let dry naturally or you can use a diffuser on your dryer. Low air/ high heat. Be careful not to touch or break up your curls too much, that too can make them look frizzy.Lastly, for the pyramid, talk to your hairdresser at your next cut appointment. A little soft tapering around your face or some downward angling to help it collapse will solve that. Have fun and enjoy your beautiful hair.