Need help to find right product for my frizzy 2c hair?

I started going natural two months ago , I got the Devacurl no poo shampoo , one conditioner and Devacurl light defining gel. I never really did much heat styling before so I don't have any heat damage. But even after switching to no-poo regimen my hair frizzes pretty bad , the curls are not well defined mostly in the hair at my back . I also got Shea moisture conditioner and also tried putting tea tree and coconut oil in my hair before washing my hair but it didn't help.I also wash my hair twice a week , finger comb it . I also need  to learn how to refresh my curls for 2nd and 3rd day. Any  help will be appreciated.( In the photo I have attached the frizz is not that visible )

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have you tried the john frieda frizz ease range ?
Your hair looks fantastic! Great job, it sounds like you're doing well to keep your hair healthy and it shows with your results. Do you use any leave-in conditioner? I find that a leave-in conditioner can help reduce frizz for me, I apply it to my hair when it's soaking wet and if I feel I put a little too much in I scrunch my hair with a towel to remove any extra product. Leave-in will give you moisture which helps to reduce frizz, but I also find that it gives me some curl definition as well. I like Obia, Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries, and Ouidad Whipped Curls Curls can be used as both a leave-in conditioner and a styler so that can be a good one. When I want to refresh my hair without washing it I typically wet it in the sink and apply something like the Oyin Juices and Berries, then let my hair air dry again. I've tried spraying it with water from a spray bottle but that gave me some frizz. Hope this helps!
Thanks Christina appreciate your quick response . Nope I have never tried a leave in will sure explore that option . And yes when I try to revive my curls by spritizing  water it surely does frizz similar to what you mentioned . Thanks I will try the products you mentioned
nope haven't tried john Frieda will take a look at the product at the curl mart. Thanks for your reply
One of our vloggers created this video on her frizz-fighting faves: