Need a strong gel for frizz control. Even if my hair is left with a little crunch. I'm desperate!

Ok, I use plenty of leave in conditioner and cream and all the other stuff you are suppose to use, but I still have a frizz problem. I live in a humid climate and I also have hard water (if that makes any difference). I really think I need a strong gel and I'm willing to put up with a little crunchiness if it gets rid of the frizz. The frizz bothers me more. I have thick and dense type 3B (some 3A) hair. What is a good quality gel that won't dry my hair out, but has great hold, definition and frizz control? I currently use either Beautiful Curls defining gel (Not enough hold or frizz control) and Mop Top medium hold gel (better control, but problematic if you don't get the amount just right and if your hair is not wet enough when you put it in). Any suggetions? It would be nice if I could find it in store instead of online only too, but that's not required. Please help!

1 Answer

Hi Rochelle, I strongly recommend Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. It's amazing. It's pricey, but it works so well. If you couple that with a good leave-in, you're set. OR, if you're anti-silicones, I recommend DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. That one has a lot of hold and it a great definer. If you like curl creams, today I'm using Verb Curl Cream and it works wonders. It's very humid here in Austin, TX and my hair hasn't frizzed. Check it out: Good luck!