Why is there only one piece of my hair that's frizzy?

I'm not sure what kind of hair I have. It's wavy with ringlets at the bottom. And I have bangs that I keep to the side. There are some parts of my hair that are kind of frizzy, but that all gets taken care of when I put product in it. However, there's this one piece, it's the first little piece of my bangs, and it is nothing but frizz. It gets a little better when I put something on it. But I have to put more on it than anywhere else. At the root, and then a little bit outward, it feels a little softer. I think this might be caused from heat damage. I used to straighten my hair everyday. I stopped, but then I started curling my hair to get the waves out. I've just recently stopped using any kind of heat on my hair, to help it heal. If it is damaged I'm just going to let it grow out.Could it be heat damage? Are there any good products for heat damage? If it's not heat damage, what are good products for frizz? 

1 Answer

It sounds like heat damage, if you're trying to heal that damage then I would definitely recommend air drying your hair rather than using a blow dryer, and then don't use any straighteners or curling irons on your hair. You can deep condition and give your hair protein treatments once a week to try and strengthen your hair again, I like the Ouidad Extreme Meltdown Mask, the Aphogee shampoo and conditioner, and AG's Keratin Repair products.A trim may also help to remove the dry and damaged ends, that may encourage your curl to form again. And lastly, be patient while the damaged hair is growing out!