plzzz help me

so i am 13 years old and i have type 3b hair and i kinda love my hair but the back of my head always gets really fizzy and messy and ugly i tried putting more product but it still gets really fizzy and it is really and ugly

3 Answers

Do you play with your hair during the day? Do you "do" your hair every morning or is it second-day hair that's getting messy? Hats, barrettes? It's possible you have a different hair type on the back of your head that you need to treat differently than the rest of your hair. 
My sister has your hair type. She has two different types though. The back is closer to 3c. Try washing your hair at night. Put natural oils (I use vitamin E for her) in it or some type of hair moisturizer on it. Seal the moisture by putting Shea butter or leave in conditioner w/shea butter. Put it in one fishtail braid or two French braids going back. Pin the braids up with bobby pins then put a silk scarf over it.  take your braid out in the morning and you should be all set.  Hope this helps. 
I have 3b hair too, and to combat the frizz, I use a styling creme (or a butter) when my hair is slightly damp, and using my fingers, I define the curls (almost like a rake) and twirl the strands. By the way, I do this when my hair has the product on, and I leave it to air dry. Once it's dry, I carefully untwist the twirls. That's just one method to combat the frizz, hopefully this helped. If not, this website has a ton of resources for you to research. All the best, Yasmine